About the Author

My name is Alex, and I’m a twenty-one year old English Language student at the University of Manchester. I have a very wide range of interests which means that on this blog you’ll see posts covering anything and everything from movies and music to football and video games. Understandably, then, this means that not everything that gets posted on here is going to be of interest to everyone, but any and all time you may take to read the words I write is greatly appreciated. This blog is really just as much for me as it is for a wider audience, though – the paid writing work that I do, while interesting, is also a little rigid in terms of subject matter, so I feel that keeping a blog is a good way to ensure that any creative flair I might possess doesn’t get completely tossed by the wayside. Anyway, basically what I’d like to say is thanks for coming here and reading what I’ve got to say – even if you don’t agree with it / think it’s awful / whatever.

– Alex


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